We provide private executive training to sales professionals in Finland who need to sell their product or services internationally using the English language.

We understand that selling abroad is different than selling in Finland because most sales here are based on relationships and strong ties.  Becoming a "sales operator" is not as important in Finland as it is on Wall Street but that's changing.

Sales people in Finland are entering new markets and facing fierce competition from international competitors who have been in the game longer and who know how to sell their service or product like a native English speaker while also adapting to local customs and buying behavior. Even if a salesperson in Finland speaks English fluently, they may lack the "sales judo" or sales training and skills needed in today's highly competitive global environment.

We understand that it's difficult to sell masterfully if you're not using your native language.  We also know that developing exceptional sales skills are not limited to language or sales gamesmanship.  It may take an entire change of perspective and attitude in order to improve your skills. We will guide you to this change so that expanding into markets with a different point of view than your own will be less of a challenge and more of an opportunity.  

In short, we help you go beyond your language and find your own "sales voice" so you can exceed your best expectations.

Program design is dependent on individual consultations where determinations of need will be assessed.