Comprehensive one-on-one training sessions for essential employees who need to  learn how to use a foreign language in practical business situations, but who also need to master the cultural nuances associated with doing business in that language. CBW Global works with each trainee to develop original course content for classroom instruction. This course is designed for Beginner-Intermediate to Advanced-level students.


 Private lessons

Private lessons




Students – 1 
Teacher – 1
Duration  – 45/90 min
Materials – Original content developed specially for clients needs
Access to materials – 24 / 7
Sessions in total – 10 - 30


English, German, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Polish, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese (Mandarin)
Business vocabulary
Accent reduction and pronunciation skills
Conversation practice
Grammar focus
Presentation skills
Reading comprehension              

Writing skills

Negotiation skills
Cross cultural communication
Public speaking and confidence