CBW Global's Finland's Got A Selling Problem Podcast

In this podcast series, Troy Woodson, along with several special guests, will discuss a series of sales-related topics important to the Finnish startup community.  No-nonsense refreshing perspectives on how to tackle some of the most common sales stumbling blocks will be the essence of most discussions. Happy selling and stay tuned!

Sales Brothers From Different Mothers with Jani Ojala and Troy Woodson

A Finnish sales exec, Jani Ojala with New Business Office, and an American sales know-it-all chat, joke, and have fun sharing their experiences and understanding of sales with each other from their very unique cultural perspectives. They even manage to sneak in a bit of depth. But not so much that you get bored. 





Are Great Salespeople Born Or Made?

I invited Lauri Ruhala, CEO of Salesframe, to help answer this age-old question. Since we're geniuses of course we know! Our informal chat captured our honest opinions on this and other sales-related topics like: the ideal sales job to get started in sales, selling the dream before the product, and what it takes to motivate a sales team. This podcast is unedited because we wanted it to flow like a natural conversation. You'll notice how much fun we have with that!


"Millenial Sales Styles and State of Mind" with Ilona Ylimpaa

Ilona Ylinampa, Sales Director with Cloudia LTD joins me in a dynamic, fun and informative talk about the generational differences in selling styles and attitudes, the need to think global, the future role of technology in sales, and how the perception of the sales profession needs to evolve in Finland.